About Us

Grilled Cheese

Calvin and Mike have known each other for quite some time. “We believe that the people will enjoy our modern twist and unique friendly environment. Our creative and delicious pizzas and grilled cheeses are made from scratch with high quality ingredients!”

Michael attended Pennsylvania Culinary School in downtown Pittsburgh, where he developed his love for food. After Culinary School, Michael moved to SWFL where his career expanded from personal luxury hotels to downtown fine-dining. 

Calvin was born and raised in Naples, Florida. He opened his first pizzeria at age of 22 and was the youngest restaurant owner at the time. Calvin and Mike opened Twisted Sheep Pizza in 2020 and now Twisted Cheesery!


Why Grilled Cheese?

We really believe that a good sandwich is a beautiful thing, and we felt that grilled cheese was the perfect food platform to have different flavors and fusions combined. It also gives us a restaurant concept that will keep changing and evolving. Plus, who isn't passionate about cheese?